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All work and no play makes a hell lot of bux.

Every turn you work, your hoes will use up gloves. If you run out of gloves, your hoes will stop working. At the moment, this is not enabled yet.

You may gain a maximum number of 1 hoe per work turn and may lose a maximum number of 1 hoe per work turn. If you wish to work in lots of turns, it is better to do so in multiples of 10 or even 20 if you can afford the energy.

Working your hoes at 0% will ensure the full amount of bux earned by your hoes but you may also lose hoes, up to a maximum number of 1 hoe per turn. If you have enough houses to make your hoes comfortable, the lesser the chance of your hoes leaving you.

A good strategy would be to work your hoes at 100% for the first 50 rounds or so, adjust the payout to secure some houses and repeat. This will ensure a nice, steady stream of hoes after a solid foundation.