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Gameplay & Strategy

*This is subject to change so keep coming back to this page to view updated changes.*

The Game

How to alienate friends and win hoes.

An average game lasts approximately 2 weeks (14 days). Getting the highest score would mean leading the ranks on the list (leaderboard). To achieve this, you mostly need a lot of money. Holding on to this money requires you to have sufficient bros to protect you, generating lots of money requires you to have sufficient hoes. Having lots of money means you become a target of robbery. How not to become an easy target involves a few strategies.

For more information, read fight.


Each turn requires 1 energy except fighting actions.

Depending on the game speed, you will receive a default of 1 energy per 5 minutes or 12 energy per hour.
The game speed and game length is always displayed on the front page where you choose the round you want to join.

For more information, read energy.


A game round can last for an indeterminate amount of time. There could be more than 1 game occurring at the same time, at any given time. All of this is displayed on the front page. You may join as many rounds as you wish.

Basic Menu

The basic menu gives you an overview of what you can do during the entire course of the game. You may access the basic menu by clicking on the crumbs link or the dropdown menu button. You will find a list of recent actions here.


Decide the payout for your hoes here. A high payout will earn you less money but may convince new hoes to join you. A low payout will earn you more money but may cause your hoes to leave.

Keeping your payouts at 50% will generally attract some hoes and generate a decent amount of bux. Hoes will stick around even if you give them a low payout when you have a large number of houses. Experiment with the percentages of payout to see the outcomes.

Every time you work, it will display the amount of payout you have farmed and if there are any hoes or bros that have joined you. For every turn, you may gain or lose a maximum number of 1 hoe.

For more information, read work.


You may buy a variety of items in the shop. These items are houses, bros, gloves and sticks. The starting price for a house is 50,000 bux, a bro is 1000 bux, a glove is 1 bux and a stick is 10 bux.

Prices are determined by the quantity in your inventory, ie. item prices increase after each purchase so it is wise to buy everything you need at the same time. You may only buy a maximum number of 2 houses per turn and 1000 bros per turn.


This is your profile page. Here you will find your ID number, current name & shout, inventory and recent activities. You can change your name for 1 energy. A name can have a maximum of 20 characters. Changing your shout will not cost you energy. A shout can have a maximum of 100 characters. You cannot change your ID number.

Recent activities are displayed here with the time of occurrence and icons relating to the type of activity. Only activities that cost energy will show up here. These activities are trades, offers, name change, green shouts for successful fights or acts of robbery and/or barnarson along with sticks/bros loss if any and failed fights or acts of robbery and/or barnarson along with sticks/bros loss if any.


This is the leaderboard. The top 50 users are listed on the first page. Links to your WetGenes profile or Twitter profile are listed underneath handles. Crowns awarded in chat are also listed here. You may soon sort the list in ascending or descending order. Along with user stats and scores, shouts are also displayed here.


Fight, fight, fight. The fight tab will display your chances against another user (and their chances against you) in the shout column. These are also links you can click to go to their respective fight pages.


There are currently 6 trading options available. Houses for hoes (& vice versa), hoes for bros (& vice versa) and bros for bux (& vice versa). Each time you offer a trade, your offer gets put into the queue for a random amount of time (2-12 hours depending on the game speed).

For more information, read trade.


You may view global recent user actions by going to the acts page. Actions are currently filtered by All, Chat, Fight and Trade. Click on a tab to filter them.

Incidentally, the most recent of recent acts are listed under the Basic Menu page.


For every game instance, you may engage in a discourse with other players by using the commenting system found under the Basic Menu page.


Crowns awarded are listed under your handle in the List tab. Crowns are delivered fresh every server hour. Crowns stack up from the previous game, ie. if you were first in the previous game and first in this current game, you would have a total of (+10) + (+10) = +20 crowns.

What are crowns? http://help.wetgenes.com/-/Main/Crowns


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