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How much is that brofist in the window?


There are currently 6 trading options available. Houses for hoes (& vice versa), hoes for bros (& vice versa) and bros for bux (& vice versa). Each time you offer a trade, your offer gets put into the queue for a random amount of time (2-12 hours depending on the game speed).

Cheaper (better) offers will have a higher chance of turning up and replacing current trade offers. The last 50 recent offers are displayed here so users are able to reconsider prices when offering a trade strategically if they wish to do so. For example, if a rival user is selling 1000 bros for 3000 bux each, an offer of 1000 bros or just 1 bro for 2999 bux each will push back the rival's offer in the queue.

Selling high may reward you with more bux or items but selling low would ensure a fast buy from other users. One way to combat a user with a large quantity of items is to flood the market with that item so it is fair game for anyone to increase their ranks. Selling items will make it cheaper for you to buy that item in the shop afterwards. For example, if you sold all 1000 remaining bros in your inventory, the price of bros in the shop will return to its original price of 1000 bux per bro.

It is recommended that you sell items at a higher price than the original base price per item to make a profit.

You are currently only limited to 10 active trade items at a time. Queueing is not possible at the time of implementation (17:42/161010).

Be mindful of what you are trading (read carefully before hitting the Buy! or Sell! buttons). If your trade offers are too expensive, it is highly likely that the offer will remain in the market unseen until there are no other offers available. Be mindful of who you trade with. This might be tricky since trading is anonymous but some trades can appear unique to a user (someone offering unique numbers). Buying from another user will increase their resources of that particular item and this might not be in your best interest if you were competing with them. Undercutting your opponents is always a good option to consider if one is unsure.