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Fighting others for fun and profit.


The energy requirements are bros/1000

All of you bros go off to war, carrying one stick each. Your fighting power is bros+sticks so make sure you have at least one stick per bro any sticks involved may be broken in the battle.

Same as attack.


The energy requirements are bros/1000

All of you bros go off to war, carrying ten sticks each. Your fighting power is bros+sticks/10 so make sure you have at least one stick per bro any sticks involved may be broken in the battle. As you can see arson requires many, many sticks.

Same as attack but each bro only needs one stick rather than 10. so your fighting power is bros+sticks


The energy requirements are (bros+manure)/1000

The maximum amount of bros involved is determined by the number of hoes and houses you have. so if you have 5 houses and 50 hoes you can only party with at most 5*50=250 bros.

Some of you bros go off to war, carrying 1 manure each. Your fighting power is bros+manue so make sure you have at least one manure per bro all manure involved will be used up in the party.

Same as attack.

When two parties of equal power fight there is a12.5% chance for the attacker to win. Increase you power to increase you chance of winning. When the attacker has double the power they reach a 50% chance of winning. Your chance of winning can never go above 90%

Currently, there are 3 options of fighting. Performing robbery on other users, barn arson and throwing a party. To attack other users, click on their handles in the List tab to visit their profile and then, click on the Fight button.

Here, it will display the number of items the victim has and your percentage of a successful robbery or barn arson should you wish to perform them. You may also leave your victim a pleasant or unpleasant shout that will be displayed in their profile page when attacking. However, only successful attacks will display your shout.


Having the largest number of bros would mean you are untouchable if these bros are equipped with enough sticks to last a few rounds of battles. However, having too many bros would also mean that you will be using a higher amount of energy to rob a single user per turn. Hitting the sweet spot of bro/energy ratio would allow you to rob users hoarding bux plenty of times if you have energy saved up.

Robbing is not only usually more lucrative than farming, it is also much more fun. But this only happens earlier in the game or when you don't have as many hoes in the first place. Of course this would be a different matter if your main purpose was to grief. Bros can also fetch a handsome sum if you have some to trade.

Barn arson can be great fun when you know how. The higher the number of houses a user has, the more spread out their bros and the lower their defence. A good strategy would be the combination of a large number of bros, smaller number of houses and a decent number of hoes. For a successful barn arson experience, you will need to equip yourself with a large number of sticks. 10 sticks per bro, in fact.

When burning down someone's house, there is a 23% chance that you may destroy their entire stick stock.

Always make sure your hoes have enough houses for them to live in. If you have too many hoes per house, the higher the percentage of other users stealing hoes away from you.

Fight actions use up an amount of energy dependant on the resources you have. For example, robbery and barn arson uses up 1 energy per 1000 bros.

We are currently still experimenting with barn arson and party throwing and seeing the effects they currently have on the balance of things.