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Items are things you can buy from the shop, trade with other users & get from working.

energy ( Learn more )

Each turn requires energy.
Some turns require more energy than others.

score ( Learn more )

Score determines your rank on the list.
Your total score is a combination of items you acquire in the game.

hoes ( Learn more )

Hoes are unbuyable items in the game.
They are the breadwinners of your household, ie. they bring in bux.

bros ( Learn more )

Bros are very crucial for defence and fights.
You can buy bros from the shop.

houses ( Learn more )

Houses are living accommodations for your bros and hoes.
You can buy houses from the shop.

bux ( Learn more )

Bux is the in-game currency.
You buy items with bux, you trade items with bux.

gloves ( Learn more )

Gloves give protection to your hoes.
You can buy gloves from the shop.

sticks ( Learn more )

Sticks are your weapons. They are wielded by bros.
You can buy sticks from the shop.

manure ( Learn more )

Manure makes your hoes happy. So happy, they throw parties.
You can buy manure from the shop.